by West Palms Event Managment

La Canada, Flintridge, CA – Two of the Flintridge Autumn Classic’s most eagerly-awaited events have concluded. Saturday’s Land Rover of Pasadena Grand Prix saw a total of 38 horses and riders, with ten going fast and clean enough to return for the jump-off. Edge-of-the-seat action continued as the top three finished within a second of each other.

Tina recalls her great ride of the evening, “At first when I was walking the course, I was thinking that this is going to be really tough. There were a lot of difficult turns and combinations. But I am fortunate enough to have a well seasoned horse who went in the ring and helped me every step of the way to a great finish.”

Results from the Land Rover of Pasadena Grand Prix
Place Number Horse Rider Owner
1 834 Avargo Tina Di Landri Highpoint Farm Llc
2 932 Legis Touch The Sun Jenni Mcallister
3 881 Carismo Z Justin Resnik The Carismo Z Group, LLC
4 777 Mucho Gusto Melissa Doddridge Melissa Doddridge
5 831 Imothep Matt Williams Hyperion Stud LLC
6 925 Centuria 2 Gabriella Salick Gabriella Salick Llc
7 915 Firestone Erin Isom Nicole Teague
8 933 Legis Venice Jenni Mcallister
9 883 Copias Justin Resnik Ama Marketing & Mgmt
10 771 Poeme D’ Amour Misti Cassar Misti Cassar
11 930 Here I Come Jenni Mcallister
12 484 Chela LS Ashlee Bond Little Valley Farms