Kingsland Equestrian, designer and manufacturer of Kingsland Equestrian apparel and horse gear, is proud to announce their new partnership with show jump competitors Ronan McGuigan (Irish, based in the US) and Tina Yates (US). Both known for their skills and top performances in the show ring, Ronan as rider and head trainer for Hermitage Farm, and Tina owner and rider of High Point Farm, both represent themselves as keystone players within the US show jumping industry.

“Many of the brands I have used before have been ill fitting, overpriced and outdated. I like the style, quality, comfort and value of the Kingsland and their products,” says Ronan. “Kingsland is at the forefront of equestrian apparel!”

“Partnering with Kingsland is an ideal fit for my lifestyle. I’ve always loved the quality of the brand. Since I’m in riding clothes ‪24/7 it’s important to have comfort, breathability, durability and of course great style,” shares Tina. “Kingsland incorporates all of this!”

This partnership with both Ronan and Tina has brought excitement to the Kingsland team as well! “Kingsland is a brand that aims for the best in quality, appearance and profile,” says Kingsland’s founder Lin E. Kingsrød. “Having Ronan and Tina dressed in our brand is not only a perfect reflection of this, but is a real point of pride for the brand. We are very proud to have both Ronan and Tina as a part of the Kingsland US team, and we look forward to cheering both riders on as Kingsland ambassador in the years to come!”

With both parties looking forward to a successful long-term partnership, we welcome both Ronan McGuigan and Tina Yates to the Kingsland team!

For further information, please contact:
Amy Balmain/ Kingsland Equestrian US & EquiFit
Sales & Marketing Coordinator, North America
E-mail: [email protected]

Kingsland AS/ Head Office
Marketing Coordinator Annhild M. Furfjord
Email: [email protected]

Full press release available here.